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Giving Back: MindXtract and JoyRide Center

MindXtract, LLC/JoyRide Center, Inc

We are proud to announce JoyRide Center, Inc as a new charity partner. MindXtract was honored to support JoyRide and their clients at the 2017 Special Olympics at the Brazos Valley Exposition Center.

The mission of JoyRide Center is to help people with different abilities find more joy in life through equine-assisted activities and therapies, along with functional/life skills education. Our goal is to make the impossible into I'M POSSIBLE for our clients! We believe horses help us to learn, grow, and reach our full potential. Our programs include Therapeutic Riding, physical or occupational therapy using Hippotherapy as a strategy, and the JRC Prep Day Habilitation program.

JoyRide Center clients are people with a wide range of (dis)ABILITIES, and pairing them with horses is a wonderful and natural thing. Not only is it an opportunity for fun, but horses walk almost exactly like people with the same rhythm and stride length, so it is also physically therapeutic. Horses are the perfect companion to help people focus on their specific goals; whether that is to gain strength for walking, to improve their minds with problem solving or to learn how to make friends, all while expanding their spirits by sharing the love of a wonderful animal with a group of dedicated volunteers and staff.

A unique characteristic at JoyRide Center is the value of the therapeutic team, which includes the horse, volunteers and staff all working together to enhance the quality of the client's session. Horses significantly enhance therapy outcomes based on their unique movements and their unconditional acceptance.

Additionally, JoyRide Center’s Day Habilitation Program (JRC Prep) offers a unique blend of vocational training integrated into a worksite in an uninterrupted classroom setting. The JRC Prep Program combines classroom instruction with continuous hands-on work experience. Goals and objectives are based on each students’ needs, and our approach is highly individualized. The overall goal of the program is to help students become more independent in performing every-day tasks as well as being functional in the community. We feel that the long term benefit of being more independent includes improved long-term health.

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