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Aesir Nettverk™ Intelligent Collaborative Platform

Aesir allows multiple companies to work together and execute projects in a single environment with shared data and intelligently controlled processes. Because Aesir is entirely Code Free, it can be implemented very quickly. 

Aesir Nettverk was developed in collaboration between MindXtract, FourICT, AuraPortal and our Norwegian Energy partners. 

As the industry looks to accelerate collaboration across stakeholders and improve efficiency through digital solutions they also want to drive down costs.  Æsir Nettverk provides a reliable and easy to deploy set of tools to help companies service both collaboration and operational efficiency without adding costly infrastructure or personnel required in many other thin client or cloud-based solutions.  


By leveraging an efficient and bespoke digital framework Æsir Nettverk can knit together existing datastores, analytics and workflows to provide a seamless collaboration environment for the work team that is robust, yet flexible and responsive to changes in the operating environment. 


No longer is the team tied to a cumbersome legacy infrastructure to support business requirements, with Æsir Nettverk they can plug and play new components and workflows as they become available.  This facilitates lower switching costs and more rapid adoption of new team members and technologies as they become available both of which are essential to success in the fast-paced offshore environment. 


Now, with Æsir Nettverk the operator, rig contractor, vessel operators and multiple service companies can work efficiently through a high-speed digital framework that is responsive to the needs of each specific work team without sacrificing cost, efficiency or security.  Through digital integration everyone can be “on the same page” without having to sacrifice efficiency for integration. 



The benefits are compelling:


  • Improved HSE Performance

  • Reduced NPT and Risk of Catastrophic Failures

  • Operations efficiency gains through better design, planning and execution.

  • Elimination of duplicate manual/human tasks such as documentation and reporting.

  • Lower energy consumption and carbon footprint

Aesir Nettverk is capable of quickly integrating with any software systems , IoT, SCADA and all Industrial Data Platforms and Digital Twins. Everything is brought into a single hub and then leveraged by Aesir with real time control over all processes and data. 


































MindXtract is proud to be partnered with DNV GL to offer Aesir Nettverk on the DNV GL Veracity Open Data Platform and Marketplace. 


DNV GL Veracity users can now access the Aesir Nettverk platform and services directly from their Veracity account. 

Learn more about DNV GL 




Our Partnership with DNV GL

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