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Flexible Options Without Committments

Our licensing plans are straightforward and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.


We offer our iBPMS solution as a Subscription model (SaaS) or as an Acquisition. (One Time Purchase)

With our SaaS model, there are no long term contracts or commitments.


We offer contracts on a monthly or annual basis (SaaS) or as a one time charge per license.(Acquisition)

The number of transactions and processes is unlimited, we do not charge per process and there are no per CPU charges whatsoever. 

We also offer discounted licensing prices based on volume. 







There are two kinds of licenses by user that can work in parallel:

Concurrent Licenses: 


The only limitation is the maximum number of simultaneous users, regardless of their identity.

Named Licenses:

Each license can only be used by the named person.


Our solution can be deployed anywhere. 

We provide Cloud Hosting with Microsoft Azure but clients can use whatever Cloud service they like. 

On Premise- Clients can host our solution on their own infrastructure or as a hybrid model. 

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