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MindXtract Joins OpenEarth™ Community

MindXtract has joined OpenEarth™ Community as a Corporate Member. 

"We are proud to be a part of this exciting group of leaders in Oil & Gas contributing technology to further collaboration and innovation. We believe strongly in collaboration at MindXtract. Bringing companies together to explore collaboration is something we do every day. We look forward to contributing our technology and being part of the OpenEarth™ Community with other leaders to bring meaningful innovation to our industry."

-Matthew Hiller, MindXtract CEO

"The OpenEarth™ Community (OEC) is a free, global and open community of scientists, engineers and software developers in oil and gas companies, service companies, software providers, data vendors and technology developers committed to producing an open and shared O&G software platform to rapidly lower the cost and accelerate the pace of innovation in the O&G Industry. OEC is working with both customers and vendors from across the industry to deliver this ambition and is driven by a shared passion to make access free to all – and to harness the power of the community."

- OpenEarth™ Community website.

To learn about OpenEarth™ Community, visit:​

About MindXtract

MindXtract is the Exclusive AuraPortal Partner for Energy, Oil & Gas offering an intelligent platform that unifies the entire IT Ecosytem and provides companies with complete control over all business processes from a single Code Free solution. 2016 Winner of the Microsoft Award for Most Innovative Application on Azure. Recognized as a Leading Visionary by Gartner 3 years in a row and Ranked #1 in every category by Ovum. 

To learn about MindXtract, visit:

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