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Intelligent Automation for Energy


Our Zero Code Intelligent Digital Platform is the fastest tool to transform operations and eliminate organizational silos.


iBPMS Intelligent Automation guarantees the end to end execution of all business processes across the entire enterprise.


Designed for the business user, anyone can use our solution to create and automate intelligent business processes. 


Our iBPMS has Plug and Play integration with all ERP systems, all Industrial Data Platforms and all commercially available software. Our solution is built with Microsoft technologies and has native integration with all Microsoft products.


Digital Twins, IoT and SCADA systems can be fully integrated with ease and leveraged by our platform.

At the core of our solution is a rules based intelligent process management system with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Intelligent Business Rules. With unmatched capabilities, ease of use and low total cost of ownership, our solution is an intelligent choice for any business.

We are proud to be the Exclusive Global AuraPortal Partner for Energy, Oil & Gas.


Our iBPMS platform has over 3.5 million users in more than 40 countries benefiting from optimal efficiency, security and collaboration.













Video Example of Intelligent Automation:

    Engineering Change Management 

The Engineering Change Management video is an example of Intelligent Automation guaranteeing the end to end execution of the process with zero errors. 


By using our solution, work time for this process is reduced from days down to an average of 30 minutes.


This also completely eliminates the need to manually enter any data into SAP/ERPs or any other systems.

Æsir Nettverk™  Intelligent Collaborative Platform 

Our Æsir Nettvwerk  is the first platform in Oil & Gas to allow real time collaboration between multiple companies with shared intelligent workflows and fully integrated systems for all parties. ERP systems, IoT, Digital Oilfield, SCADA and all types of software can be integrated and leveraged by Æsir Nettvwerk™.