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Our Zero Code Digital Platform is one of the fastest and most advanced tools to transform operations, eliminate silos and guarantee the end to end execution of any business process across the enterprise.


Our solution is built with Microsoft technologies and has native integration with all Microsoft products. All ERP systems, Digital Twins, IoT and SCADA systems and any software can be fully integrated with ease and leveraged by our platform. Silos are eliminated. 

At the core of our solution is a rules based intelligent process management system with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Intelligent Business Rules. 

We are proud to be the Exclusive Global AuraPortal Partner for Energy, Oil & Gas.


Our iBPMS platform powered by AuraPortal has over 9.5 million users in more than 50 countries and is the  Winner of Microsoft Awards for Most Innovative App on Azure in 2016

An Intelligent Way To Work

iBPMS is an Intelligent and entirely new technology that gives businesses complete organizational control over all processes and leverages the entire IT ecosystem into ONE easy to use Intelligent solution.

Ranked #1 in Every Category by Ovum, endorsed by the CEO of Microsoft, Gartner Leading Visionary and Winner of Most Innovative Application on Microsoft Azure 2016 - Our solution is the leader in every category and unmatched in capabilities.


Ours is a CODE FREE intelligent system that empowers the business user like never before. Automating processes and creating applications is made easy with Drag and Drop diagramming.















Our iBPMS platform provides the functionality needed to support more intelligent business operations, including real-time analytics, extensive complex event processing (CEP) and business activity monitoring (BAM) technologies and enhanced mobile, social and collaborative capabilities. 

  • An intelligent system is more than gathering and analyzing data.  Many programs are proficient at this.  

  • Intelligent systems go a step further by being able to communicate with other systems, meaning that system tasks are involved in a higher level of learning than just transactional calculation.

  • Intelligent systems have the ability to process and learn from experience, which allows for greater insight into the data.



Dubbed ‘iBPMS” by Gartner Group, who describes the intelligent BPM Suite as having 10 core components: 

  • A process orchestration engine 

  • A model-driven composition environment 

  • Content interaction management 

  • Human interaction management 

  • Connectivity 

  • Active analytics (sometimes called continuous intelligence) 

  • On-demand analytics 

  • Business rules management (BRM) 

  • Management and administration for the suite’s technical aspects 

  • A process component registry/repository 

What is iBPMS?

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Features of Our iBPMS Solution

No Programming Required 

The only BPM to date that truly builds the processes automatically, ready to be executed, from the models that are designed with a very easy to use diagramming tool. While the user models the processes, our iBPMS internally generates the code necessary to make them executable. Thus, no programming whatsoever is required to obtain and implement each process, however complex it may be. 

Continuous Evolution 

​AuraPortal is the most modern and powerful iBPMS (Business Process Management Suite) in the world. It features are under continuous evolution and expansion thanks to attentive and constant analysis of market demands. 

Positioned No.1 

Leading Visonary - Gartner's Magic Quadrant 3 years in a row.  Winner of the 2016 Microsoft Award for Most Innovative Application on Azure. Positioned no. 1 in User Sentiment by OVUM, the prestigious analyst firm, compared with the most well known BPM (Business Process Management) systems in the market, highlighting its visionary and innovative character. 

Integration with Other Applications 

Another distinction is the ease of integration with other applications that are already used by the company - ERP's, CRM's etc.  Work processes are performed by our solution and eliminate the need to log into ERP's or other systems. (See SAP Integration Video Below) All information is written back to ERP's and kept updated in real time. With our solution, companies can reduce the numbers of licenses they currently pay for, providing immediate and significant savings along with greater efficiencies and lighter workloads. This is achieved, not only by using the specific interfaces of these applications, but by using our solution’s pre-prepared Web Services, Adapters and Importers whenever available. 

Simple and Intuitive 

The use of the application is intuitive and extremely user-friendly as it is perfectly structured and guides the user at each moment, indicating which data to fill in and the fields where values should be selected. 

Outstanding ROI (Return on Investment) 

If the processes have been well designed, the saving in operational costs is such that the registered Return on Investment (ROI) can easily reach 20X. As AuraPortal requires no additional programming, the cost and time of implementing and carrying out modifications throughout the process’s useful life is drastically reduced (up to 70%) compared with other BPM systems. 


Native Integration with all Microsoft Products 

Our iBPMS is built entirely with Microsoft technology and integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft products.


Business Rules

Our Business Rules system has no equal. It is recognized by experts in this field as the best Business Rules system available. These Rules are true Business Rules that reside outside of the processes, and are invoked from the processes at the opportune moment. 


The different user interfaces are prepared and adapted automatically to be viewed and worked with from any PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or any other web connected device.



Besides the traditional “Acquisition Model”, our solution is also available as a SaaS model (rent in the “cloud”). The Cloud Model offers a great advantage: the company can use our solution in the Cloud and later pass to Acquisition Mode if so desired. This provides substantial economic benefits, making it possible to try it at low cost, because with our solution you only pay for the time used

Integration with SAP

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